Joachim von Braun: The future of rural innovation

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Professor Joachim von Braun, co-chair of the Malabo Montpellier Panel and co-chair for an international advisory group to the ‘One World – No Hunger’ conference, which is to be held in Berlin from 27-28 April 2017, highlights the importance of rural areas and the youth in combatting world hunger.

“The introduction to the G20 ‘One World – No Hunger’ conference states that, “The future of humankind will be decided in rural areas.” How do we ensure that rural areas do not get left behind in a rapidly urbanising world?

Building infrastructure, access to markets, and finance are essential components of a strategy that connects urban and rural areas better. Attention to agriculture plays a key role. Young entrepreneurs including next generation farmers must be supported through strengthening education and vocational training. This is not all for governments, but the youth need to be agents of change.”

Read the full article published in the CTA magazine Spore.