Agro-industrial Transformation – driver for Employment Generation, Food Security & Rural Development in Africa

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A session organized by the Program of Accompanying Research on Agricultural Innovation (PARI) at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) of the University of Bonn at the 6th African Conference of Agricultural Economists

 Sep 24, 2019 | 13:30-15:50 | Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria

Providing adequate and nutritious food, creating jobs and improving the quality of informal employment, reducing poverty, and transforming the rural areas continue to be daunting challenges in many African economies. Traditionally, agriculture has been a major employer. The sector is critical to many of Africa’s biggest development goals and is back at the top of Africa’s development agenda, enjoying the support of governments and attracting investments from private sectors. Farming alone currently accounts for about 60 percent of total employment in sub-Saharan Africa, while the share of jobs across the food system is potentially much larger. The African agricultural sector is dominated by smallholder farmers with limited interaction with both product and input markets.

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