India is a country in South Asia with a population of 1.3 billion people, 66% of which lives in rural areas. In 2014, the Gross Production Value of all agriculture in the country was equivalent to 315 billion USD. The agricultural sector represents 15% of total GDP. India’s largest agricultural imports are oil crops (paln, sunflower and soybean), followed by rubber, cashew nuts with shells and dry pulses. It’s largest agricultural exports are cotton lint, soybean cake, wheat, maize and shelled cashews. Rice and milk, which are mainly destined for domestic production, represent the agricultural products with the largest production value, followed by wheat, mangoes and fresh vegetables. In 2014, an estimated 15% of the population was undernourished. Nutritional deficiencies are particularly severe in India, as show by high rates of stunting and wasting, affecting 39 and 15 percent of children under five respectively.



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