Togo is located in West Africa and has a total population of about 7.6 million people (2016 estimates). It has varied climatic conditions; tropical in the south and semi-arid in the North. The agricultural sector employs 75% of the population and contributes 41% of the GDP. About 46% of the land area is cultivated. The food crops (primarily cassava, yams, maize and millet) are mainly consumed domestically. Export products include cotton, cacao, coffee and palm oil. Other important supply chains include peanuts, cashews and soybeans. In Togo, under and overnutrition coexist; 10% of the population is unable to meet minimum dietary energy requirements, and close to 30% acquires food in excess of their needs. Dietary diversity also represents a challenge, as the national diet relies heavily on starchy staples, and poor segments of the population are at risk of not obtaining enough protein.

Read the full country dossier here, and read the country innovation study on the status of agricultural innovations, innovation platforms and innovation investments in Togo here.

Agricultural Typology of Togo:

Source: Maruyama et al. (2018)


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Climate Change and Food Security in West Africa

Determinants of uptake and strategies to improve agricultural insurance in Africa: a review

From Potentials to Reality: Transforming Africa’s Food Production

2020 | H. Baumüller | J. von Braun | A. Admassie | O. Badiane | E. Baraké | J. Börner | I. Bozic | B. Chichaibelu | J. Collins | T. Daum | T. Gatiso | N. Gerber | T. Getahun | K. Glatzel | S. Hendriks | O. Kirui | L. Kornher | Z. Kubik | E. Lüdeling | A. Mirzabaev | P.G. Ndiaye | T. Sakketa | M. Shah | G. Tadesse | J. Walakira

The report is avalailable in English and German.

Read the press release to the report here.Read more From Potentials to Reality: Transforming Africa’s Food Production

Investing Sustainably in African Livestock Development: Opportunities and Trade-Offs

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Mechanization in African Agriculture: A Continental Overview on Patterns and Dynamics

Impact of Climate Change on Rice Farmer Income in Togo

2018 | A. Todjé | B. Bédibètè | K. Kossi | K. Dissirama | Z. Kokou

Read the full report here.

Published as: Alpha Todjé, Bonfoh Bédibètè, Kpemoua Kossi, Koussa Dissirama, Zoupoya Kokou (2018) Impact of Climate Change on Rice Farmer Income in Togo. FARA Research Results Vol2(7)

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Analysis of the Dynamics and Obstacles to the Adoption of Technological Innovations: the Case of Rice Farming in Togo

PARI Policy Brief No. 9: Innovation for Sustainable Agricultural Growth in Africa – Insights from Research Dossiers on 12 PARI Partner Countries

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The ReSAKSS Country eAtlases


The ReSAKSS Country eAtlases is a GIS-based mapping tool designed to help policy analysts and policymakers access and use high quality and highly disaggregated data on agricultural, socio-economic, and bio-physical indicators to guide agricultural policy and investment decisions.

Country Innovation Studies

2016 | Prepared by the PARI national partners and FARA

The Innovation Studies for the 12 African PARI countries provide an overview of the status of agricultural innovations, innovation platforms and innovation investment in the respective country. Read more Country Innovation Studies

On the use of agricultural system models for exploring technological innovations across scales in Africa: A critical review

2016 | R.P. Rötter | F.L. Sehomi | J.G. Höhn | J.K. Niemi | M. van den Berg

Published as: ZEF – Discussion Papers on Development Policy No. 23, Center for Development Research, Bonn.

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PARI Policy Brief No. 1: Strategic Directions for Development Collaboration for Food Security and Agricultural Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

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