PARI @ Cultivate Africa: How to boost African food production to increase resilience in times of pandemics

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Together with ZEF and FARA, PARI is organizing a side-event at the online conference Cultivate Africa on 18.11. at 10 am CET (9 am GMT). 

This session will discuss how investments in innovations and related policies should be prioritized to enable Africa to increase food supplies from the use of its own resources and thereby improve the resilience of the African food system against pandemics and other shocks. In addition to boosting productivity at the production level, the session will also evaluate options for increasing food supplies by reducing post-harvest losses, improving processing capacities and facilitating inclusive markets across Africa.

Agenda: 18.11. at 10 am CET (9 am GMT)

Chair: Dr. Felister Makini, Deputy Director General, Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation (tbc)
Dr. Heike Baumüller, ZEF: Impacts of Covid-19 on the African food and beverage manufacturing industries: Insights from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

Dr. Oluwole Fatunbi, FARA: Targeting and scaling innovations to raise productivity in smallholder farming systems

Dr. Oliver Kirui, ZEF: Prioritizing investments in mechanization along the value chain to increase productivity, efficiencies and resilience
Dr. Getaw Tadesse, Akademiya2063: Building inclusive markets for income generation, resilience and food security
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Check out the PPT of PARI’s session @ Cultivate Africa here.