A New Global Research Agenda for Food

2016 | L. Haddad | C. Hawkes | P. Webb | S. Thomas | J. Beddington | J. Waage | D. Flynn
Ten ways to shift the focus from feeding people to nourishing them.

Published as: Nature Comment.
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Around 57 of the 129 countries that have data on undernutrition and obesity are struggling with both1. Everywhere, the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fish, nuts, seeds and fruits is much below that recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Meanwhile, people are consuming too much fat, processed meat, salt and sugary drinks.

Nature 540, 30–32 (doi:10.1038/540030a
Lawrence Haddad, Corinna Hawkes, Patrick Webb, Sandy Thomas, John Beddington, Jeff Waage, & Derek Flynn