A Review of Youth Employment Initiatives In Benin: Policy Perspectives

2020 | Y. P. Adegbola | G. F. Crinot | S. S. Dassou | A. L. Atacolodjou | B. Kouton-Bognon | M.C.-P. Adegbola | P. Boadu | A. O. Fatunbi

Published as FARA Research Report Volume 5 No: 2 (2020).


Youth unemployment is an issue that concern the majority of governments all over in Africa and especially in Benin. The main purpose of this review is to identify the main large-scale initiatives for youth employment taken between 2000 and 2018 in rural areas of Benin. To do this, a review of the literature first collected all the secondary data on youth employment. Then, individual and group interviews were carried out respectively with resource persons from structures involved in the promotion of youth employment and young men and women who benefited from youth employment initiatives in the departments of Atlantic, Ouémé, Borgou and Alibori. From the results obtained, eighteen (18) youth employment initiatives have been identified in Benin. These initiatives have different characteristics and can be classified in the four classification categories adopted by the International Labor Office (ILO). Also, based on the number of beneficiaries reached, the top five youth employment initiatives are in order of importance: Agricultural Diversification Support Program; Youth Employment Project; Wage employment support program; National Microfinance Fund – Financing Agricultural Activities in Rural Areas; Job Applicant Capacity Building. The recommendations formulated at the end of this study mainly go to decision-makers or government officials. They must: identify the major employment problems of young people through an inventory of the labor market, adapt training to the needs of the labor market and review the institutional and political framework so that it can promote the employment of young people.
Keywords: unemployment, program, characteristics, labor, market.

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