Making Digitalization Work for African Agriculture: The Role of the Enabling Environm

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Blog Post by Benjamin K. Addom and Heike Baumüller, originally published a part of a series of blog posts on the release of the 2020 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR)

The rapid proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) offers great promise for transforming smallholder agriculture in Africa. Going beyond the narrow view of “technologies” as a tool, the broader concept of “digitalization” is a potential game changer. Building climate resilience for smallholder farmers to boost productivity; improving access to financing for all stakeholder groups to increase profitability along the value chain; and addressing social inclusion gaps for youth, women, and other marginalized groups are some of the areas that digitalization can be effectively deployed in building more efficient food systems.

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The blog post is based on Chapter 13 of the ATOR, “The Enabling Environments for the Digitalization of African Agriculture,” written by Heike Baumüller and Benjamin K. Addom.