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ZEF Public Lecture by Jakkie Cilliers, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Jakkie Cilliers, Institut for Security Studies

Abstract: The presentation builds upon Jakkie Cilliers’ book The Future of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities and a new website on Africa’s long term prospects offering empirical data that informs planning, prioritisation and effective resource allocation. His presentation will consist of Africa’s current development prospects given COVID-19 and the potential impact of aggressive but realistic policy interventions across a range of sectoral interventions such as demographics, manufacturing and leapfrogging.

About the presenter:
Dr Jakkie Cilliers founded the Institute for Security Studies. He was Executive Director until 2015, and is now Board of Trustees Chair and Head of the African Futures and Innovation programme. He is an Extraordinary Professor in the Centre of Human Rights and Department of Political Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria, and a renowned author and analyst. His most recent open-access book The Future of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities was published by SpringerLink in June 2021 and has recorded more than 90 000 downloads. For more see