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Farmer innovation contests were organized in the districts of Choma, Katete and Petauke and were implemented with the help and support of the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) and the Zambia National Farmers Union. Local farmers sent a total of 141 applications to the contest.

The winners received prizes equivalent to 10,000 K (1000 USD), 7,500 K (750 USD) and 5,000 K (500 USD) for first, second and third place, respectively.

Innovator showcase

Ennita Chigumpu – 2nd Place Female Innovator, Choma District

Innovation: Treatment of blind goats using tomato leaves

left: the tomato leaf liquid used to treat goats. Right: the innovator herself

The innovator uses fresh, washed tomato leaves and rubs them between her palms to form a ball. She then wrings the leaf balls to collect the liquid. The liquid is then administered into the eyes of blind goats using a dropper twice a day for three days.

Ailande Phiri– Best Youth Innovator, Petauke District

Innovation: Reducing fertilizer use

left: the proportions of grain and fertilizer, right: the innovator and his innovation

The innovator mixes 5 kg of fertilizer with 8 litres of water. She adds 10 kg of maize seed into the solution, mixes it thoroughly and leaves the mixture out overnight. She plants the seed the next day. She then dissolves 4 kg of Urea in 30 litres of water and sprays the solution near the maize plant. She applies Urea 17 to 21 days after germination.

Daniel Lingililani – Best Male Innovator, Katete District

Innovation: Prevention of maize pests during storage

The innovator mixes dried bark of the local Mchelekete plant’s roots and pounds them into a powder. She adds 2 cupts of powder to 50 kg of maize. This pest repellant has no side effects, and the treated maize can be milled the following week for consumption.

The innovator
Maize in storage