Impact of Climate Change on Rice Farmer Income in Togo

2018 | A. Todjé | B. Bédibètè | K. Kossi | K. Dissirama | Z. Kokou

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Published as: Alpha Todjé, Bonfoh Bédibètè, Kpemoua Kossi, Koussa Dissirama, Zoupoya Kokou (2018) Impact of Climate Change on Rice Farmer Income in Togo. FARA Research Results Vol2(7)


Developing countries such as Togo, whose economy is mainly based on the agricultural sector, remain highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Faced with this situation, field surveys were carried out with 602 rice farmers, overall of the rice production areas of Togo, to measure the effect of these climatic changes on the income of rice growers. The results showed that rice practice has a positive profit margin for producers. The poor distribution of rains, floods, the lengthening of the drought, the emergence of new diseases etc., are among others the perceptions of the producers on the climatic effects.

The econometric analysis of the data from the Ricardian approach has shown that socio-economic variables have different significant effects on income overall. On the other hand, the incidence of the temperature and the rainfall turned out not significant on the income. However, the excess or decrease in temperature or rainfall would help reduce the income level of rice farmers following the signs observed.