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Persistent food shortage is a common occurrence in many sub-Saharan African countries. Several initiatives have been implemented to address this problem where some of them have recognized the role of innovations in spurring agricultural development. Hence, the use of innovations in agriculture and development in addressing the challenges of feeding an increasingly populous and resource-constrained Africa is receiving prominence. Creating an innovation system is therefore critical in establishing favourable networks of organizations within an economic system that are directly involved in the creation, diffusion and use of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as the organizations responsible for the coordination and support of these processes. The actors involved focus on bringing new products, new processes, new policies, and new forms of organization into economic use.

Chapter one gives an overview of the dairy industry in Kenya focusing on production areas, breeds kept, pasture and fodder production, feeding and animal health while Chapters two, three and four are on cattle, goats and camels, respectively. Each of the three chapters focus on the main constraints and challenges faced, innovations available and practiced, and value chain analysis, for the respective value chains. Finally, the book provides salient conclusions and recommendations.

Published as a FARA Guide Book 2019