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Since the majority of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population highly depends on agriculture, returns on investments in terms of poverty reduction effects are often highest in this sector. Furthermore, food insecurity is both a driver and a consequence of conflicts and related refugee flows. Improvements in productivity will need to be a major driver of agricultural growth in the region. Agricultural innovations are key to sustainably increase productivity and ensure food security while maintaining environmental quality and resources. This policy brief proposes a number of measures at a strategic level to inform the “One World, No Hunger” (SEWOH) Initiative by the German government and other investors in their efforts to eradicate hunger and malnutrition and to facilitate sustainable agricultural development

The policy brief is based on the PARI report by Husmann et al. (2015) Tapping Potentials of Innovation for Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Growth  –  an Africa-wide Perspective. (English)

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