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Seed is a fundamental resource required for arable agriculture. Seed as an input is critical for enhancing value, productivity and resilience in African agriculture. Sustainable seed systems enable availability, access and quality of seed and thus of new and continuously improving varieties for farmers and users of the crops. Improvements to seed systems are expected to produce wide-ranging and growing benefits along the entire value chain. Enhancing the sustainability of seed systems may involve a broad range of actors including plant breeders, certification agencies, seed companies, grain processors as well as farmers.

This PARI Policy Brief is based on the study: Christinck, A., Rattunde, F., Kergna, A., Mulinge, W., and E. Weltzien (2018): Identifying Options for the Development of Sustainable Seed Systems – Insights from Kenya and Mali. ZEF Working Paper No. 165. Bonn: Center for Development Research.