PARI Policy Brief No. 17: Improving Protein Nutrition of Dairy Cattle in the Tropics


This PARI Policy Brief is available here.

This Policy Brief is based on the studies: Dickhoefer, U., Glowacki, S., Gómez, C. A., Castro-Montoya, J. M. (2018). Forage and protein use efficiency in dairy cows grazing a mixed grass-legume pasture and supplemented with different levels of protein and starch. Livestock Science, 216, 109-118.

Wassie, S. E., Ali, A. I. M., Korir, D., Butterbach-Bahl, K., Goopy, J., Merbold, L., Dickhoefer, U. (2019). Effects of feed intake level on efficiency of microbial protein synthesis and nitrogen balance in Boran steers consuming tropical poor quality forage. Archives of animal nutrition, 73(2), 140-157.

Validation of prediction equations to estimate rumen-undegradable crude protein in tropical feedstuffs using protein fractionation technique. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores. Clermont-Ferrand, France: Cambridge University Press, p. 526.