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The poultry sector in Kenya has undergone major changes structurally in the last five years due to modern mechanized intensive production methods, imported genetic resources, improved biosecurity measures, increasing expendable income and human population. These changes offer great opportunities for commercial poultry enterprises, particularly large scale producers and processors, to improve their income and impact in food provision. This is evidenced by an expansion of operations of the existing players in the market. Evidence from case studies shows that successful players in the industry have a bright future for growth due to the available untapped opportunities. Despite this, Porter’s five forces model revealed several bottlenecks that exist in the market including the high cost of production of poultry and their products as compared to other countries due to existing tax regimes, scarcity of requisite production resources that require importation among other limitations.

This study was published as FARA Research Report 6 (11): Pp 50.