Podcast: What is the role of artificial intelligence in achieving Zero Hunger?

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In February, PARI Coordinator Dr. Heike Baumüller participated in the AI Policy Labs podcast to discuss Artificial Intelligence and its role in achieving zero Hunger.

Dr. Baumüller gave insight into the potentials and limitations of AI in the fight against hunger and talked about the great potential in the field of data analysis through machine learning and AI enabled technologies. The risk that innovations only benefit advantaged stakeholders and thus contribute greater inequality was also discussed. With local innovation playing an important role in AI, Dr. Baumüller emphasized the great potential that lies in local start-ups contributing to the improvement of SDG2 with their innovations. When asked about recommended measures to enable efficient use of AI and emerging technologies in achieving SDG2, Dr. Baumüller highlights the importance of investing in the skills of tool users and developers to enable an emerging start-up scene.

AI Policy labs is a global think tank that explores the role of AI and emerging technologies in addressing global challenges. In their podcast series, AI Policy labs address the role of AI and emerging technologies in achieving each of the SDGs.

Listen to the podcast here.