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This report compiles about 15 thematic research that generated series of information towards the delivery of innovation in crops, livestock and fisheries in Cameroon. The research subjects include, 1. The effect of different storage materials against the bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus) damage on beans grains in North-West Cameroon (Agroecological Zone III); 2. The assessment of the use and acceptability of biochar in Fako and Meme Divisions of the South West Region – Cameroon; 3. A Socioeconomic Evaluation of Cocoa Processing and Commercialization Innovation Value Chain In The Centre And South Regions Of Cameroon (Agroecological Zone V); 4. Needs assessment for innovations in the processing of Cassava into gari in the South West Region of Cameroon; 5. The effect of different storage materials against Sitophilus zeamais (weevil) damage on maize grains in South-West Cameroon (Agroecological Zone IV); 6. Comparing the Performance of a Locally-Made Seed Crushing/Extraction Machine with Manual Method of Seed Crushing/Extraction; 7. Chemical properties of components of “Njorku” (a biofertilizer with insecticidal properties); 8. Conservation of Onions in the Extreme North Region Of Cameroon; 9. Needs Assessment For Proliferation In Fragments (PIF) Of Plantain In Agro-Ecological Zone IV; 10. Current Research and Training Needs in The Processing And Packaging Of Potato In The Western Highlands Of Cameroon; 11. Assessment on the use of small machines by smallholder farmers in Agroecological Zone IV of Cameroon; 12. Intensification of pelleted feed from local Feed resources/ Agro-industrial by products for efficient and sustainable poultry production in major production zones (West, Center, & Northwest Regions) of Cameroon, and 13. An assessment of poultry processing in local markets in the South West and Centre Regions of Cameroon.

Published as FARA Research Report Vol. 4 No. 14